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In a day and age where the population is ever growing both in number and in size, it is still a surprise to me, how many women are not provided adequate information when it comes to pre and post natal exercise, fitness and nutrition.
It is a frustrating story to hear especially as exercise assists with so many aspects of conception, pregnancy and birth.

At Legs Mums and Tums, we are driven to inform you of the immeasurable and wondrous health and fitness benefits that exercise and nutrition will provide to mother and baby both before, during and after birth.

If your planning a family, have recently found out that you are expecting or are midway though your pregnancy, and find your asking yourself:

  •   How can exercise help me?
  •   Which forms of exercise are best for pregnant women?
  •   Which sports are not recommended?
  •   If I've never exercised before, what precautions should I take?
  •   How hard can I exercise now that I'm pregnant?
  •   Should I change my routine as my pregnancy progresses?
  •   Are there any reasons why I shouldn't exercise?

Legs Mums and Tums can help you through you family planning and pregnancy.

By keeping fit and active, by nourishing our bodies with wide and healthy variety of foods and by keeping our stress levels balanced will give the best possible start and environment for our developing baby.

Some people find training and exercise a little daunting, and are unsure where to start especially during pregnancy.  Others find the thought of training alone or keeping to the same old routine boring and tiresome, if this sounds like you, Personal Training and group exercise could be just the thing for you.

At Legs Mums and Tums, we can do the thinking for you so that you can just enjoy your pregnancy and the benefits reaped from your Personal Training.



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